20w mod by Kamry Skyrockets in Sales on the Market

20w mod Kamry

Certain futuristic-like looking vaporizers tend to be winners with vape lovers–such is the case of the 20w mod by Kamry. Over the years, the brand Kamry has been able to build a positive reputation for the high quality vaporizers that it has been able to design and manufacture.

Any new model that Kamry releases to the public always tends to rapidly become a bestseller, and the 20w mod is definitely not the exception. This model can operate with an 18650 battery and can read resistance down to 0.3. It has a brass-plated copper spring-loaded 510 connector and can go up to twenty-three watts. It has a high quality feel all around.

Many consumers have referred to it as the iStick killer due to its ability to sub-ohm. A lot of people had been waiting for a mini regulated box mod that could work in conjunction with an Aspire Atlantis tank, and it seems that the 20w mod by Kamry has helped them to not wait any longer–as it can certainly undertake this action.

This mod has a decent weight to it and is very nicely finished. Not a lot of people would be able to tell exactly what it is just from looking at it. It is very discreet and portable as well. It comes with a charging cord, one mod, atomizer short detection, low power detection, OLED screen, eight second automatic cutoff, mini USB charging port, 510 connection for universality, temperature sensor (model will shut off completely if high temperature is detected), lock feature (three clicks to lock), reads up to 3.0 resistance, reads down to 0.3 resistance, and it is only 84.3mm x 49.2mm x 23mm.

As you can conclude, the 20w mod by Kamry is filled with features that can make the use of it quite an adventure. Besides its features, it has the most amazing appearance. It is quite striking to say the least, and for the price that one can attain it for, it is totally worth the shot.