A Guide On Variable Voltage Mods

Are you shopping for new vaping equipment and happen to stumble across an array of products called variable voltage mods? If you have not heard of these vaping devices before and want to know more about them, read on!

What are Variable Voltage Mods?

A variable voltage mod is a battery-powered vaping device that utilizes circuitry to regulate its output power. Its output power can usually be adjusted by changing the voltage. Since their inception, variable voltage mods have been fantastic devices for both new and experienced vapers alike. Today, a wide variety of colors and designs exists on the market. One of the coolest things about variable voltage mods is their micro-processors. These processors are designed to control atomizer resistance, display battery life, enhance safety, and more.

Understanding their Safety Features

Variable voltage mods are by far the safest type of vape mods. That’s why they are very newbie-friendly. Some of their advanced features include:

  • Reverse polarity protection: It protects both the user and device from incorrectly installed batteries.
  • Short circuit protection: Your device will not fire when a short circuit occurs.
  • Resistance protection: It prevents your variable voltage mod from firing an atomizer.
  • Discharge protection: It prevents your vape mod from firing if your batteries have become over-discharged or over-charged.
  • Thermal protection: Your mod automatically disables itself if it becomes too hot.

How Convenient are Variable Voltage Mods?

Variable voltage mods are known to offer customizable outputs. These features can be helpful in an array of ways. For example, you can change the flavor of your e-juices by controlling the amount of heat that’s generated by the coil. Alternatively, you can adjust the length of your pulls, i.e. whether you take longer or shorter pulls, you will still create the same amount of vapor. Another reason why variable voltage mods are so convenient is that you are ready to vape after a few clicks of the buttons.

A Quick Feature List

Apart from the usual battery-life display, your variable voltage mod may possess any combination of the following features:

  • USB passthrough: You can continue vaping even if your device is being charged.
  • Puff counter: Lets you know how many pulls have been taken so far.
  • Lock and unlock features: Help to prevent your device from accidentally firing.
  • Bypass and mechanical modes: The output is determined by the atomizer’s resistance or the battery’s state of charge.
  • Temperature controls: Adjust coils’ maximum temperature by detecting fluctuations in atomizer resistance.
  • Real-time voltage display: Allows you to see voltage under load in real-time.

What are the Cons of Variable Voltage Mods?

Nothing is perfect right? Variable voltage mods have their fair share of disadvantages. Below are some of their cons to keep in mind:

  • Durability issues

As these mods use OLED displays, circuitry, tactile switches, microprocessors, etc., these electrical components can become damaged if dropped or after frequent usage.

  • Size issues

As these devices feature complex circuitry and wiring, these parts often require space. Hence, the mods are often larger than mechanical mods and fixed voltage-regulated mods.

However, these are minor problems and you won’t even notice them!