Airis Lux Review – P5000 Disposable Vape

Airis Lux Review

Photos by Vaping Vibe

The Airis Lux is a fruity disposable vape – with a flip cap. It’s one of our best sellers. If you want to see it in action, check out our DVP TV review. Our video expert Mark unboxes the device. Mark tries 3 flavors; Tropical Fruit, Cool Mint, and Mamba (Strawberry Dragonfruit). You’ll see how the device looks, and hear a review of the performance. Watch the Airis Lux review video here;

Airis Lux P5000 Vape Review Video

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Vaping Vibe Review of the Airis Lux P5000

Marc P from Vaping Vibe recently made a fantastic in-depth review of the Airis Lux. After taking all 15 flavors for a spin, here are Marc’s main points;

‘A Zippo-style disposable with impressive performance’

Style: It has the same two-toned brightly colored body, with the central part consisting of a smooth rubberized coating. Both the base and the mouthpiece of the P5000 are glossy plastic. It has nice curved edges and is super comfortable to grip, thanks to the rubberized texture. It’s also relatively compact for a high-capacity disposable device.


Design: It is just like a Zippo lighter, with the hinge on the side, and can easily be flicked open and shut in the same manner. It might be a bit of a dividing design choice. Personally, I think it gets in the way a little, and I don’t have issues with dirt getting in my mouthpiece, even when I place my disposable in my pocket.

However, I can see the merits of having it on the device, and I’m sure those that place their disposables in bags or handbags will welcome the integrated cap.


Performance: The auto-draw trigger works perfectly on every inhale, and I didn’t notice a single stutter when testing all the devices. The airflow is nice and smooth, sitting in the medium to tight MTL bracket. Most of the flavors strike a good balance with the overall sweetness and cooling used, so they never get too overpowering but can still pack a punch. I’m pleased to say that with all the flavors I managed to devour, I achieved close to the 5000 puffs advertised from the 16ml of pre-filled juice. 

Verdict: Overall I’ve been really impressed with the performance of the Airis Lux P5000 and enjoyed my time using them. There are some excellent flavors, and it delivers a great vape experience for a disposable. The only question you should ask yourself is whether you like the Zippo-style design with the protective cap.

Overall Score: 8.2

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