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When it comes to fruity disposable vapes, no one has it dialled-in like ELF Bar. The new Lost Mary vape is designed and made in collaboration with Elf Bar brand. Now that we’ve told you that, it’s pretty obvious to see. The new Lost Mary vape 5000 takes many of it’s design and performance features from the hugely successful Elf Bar 5000. It has the same boxy shape with smooth rounded sides, an ergonomic mouthpiece, and bright vibrant color that reflects your choice of flavor. It comes pre-filled with 13ml vape juice, and a rechargeable 650mAh battery, which boasts of being able to deliver a huge 5,000 Puffs. Given there’s so much packed into this vape, the Lost Mary design has continued the move away from the traditional vape pen style design of disposables, and adopted the more familiar boxy shape of most 5,000+ Puffs disposables on the market. Here are the Lost Mary 5000 features, at a glance;

  • Made by Disposable Experts ELF Bar
  • Pre-filled 13ml Vape Juice
  • 5% Nicotine Salts (50mg)
  • Delivers 5,000 Puffs!
  • Mesh Coil for Full Flavor
  • Draw-Activated Firing
  • Excellent Airflow
  • Color LED Battery Light
  • USB-C Rechargeable 650mAh Battery

Lost Mary 5000 vs. ELF Bar 5000

Despite hailing from the same brand and team of designers – the Lost Mary 5000 and ELF Bar 5000 are very different vapes. There are 2 main differences between the Lost Mary 5000 and the Elf Bar 5000. The first is that the Lost Mary is chunkier in size than the Elf Bar. It is a good bit thicker, and a little longer too. The second is that the Lost Mary has a battery indicator light at the top of the device. So you can see the light as you take a hit, telling you how charged your device is; Green light means you’re good (70%-100%), Blue keep at it (29%-69%), or Red light go recharge (under 29% charge left). The USB-C charging port is hidden under a flap at the top of the device, to keep the seamless style.

The subtle design feature of the Lost Mary vape 5000, that is hard to see in the photos, is that the plastic shell of the device has a sort of wavy look & feel to it. It almost looks like the plastic has melted slightly. But there’s definitely thinking behind this design choice – you’ll feel your fingers fit nicely into subtle grooves, so it fits well in your hand. This both feels good, and helps you grip the device effortlessly. There’s a rubber-feel band that wraps round the outer of the device. This gives it another bright splash of color, and has the Lost Mary brand name imprinted on it, so you remember what you’re vaping.

So how about the Lost Mary 5000 performance? Well we think it matches the Elf Bar 5000, if not outperforms it! Maybe this is because of it’s larger size allows for more going on under the hood. But it delivers smooth, flavorful vapor with every draw. Even after you’ve used the device for a couple of days and have recharged it – you’ll still enjoy a max flavor experience. The Lost Mary device also is quieter on the hit, you’ll hear less crackling going on that the ELF Bar. The airflow also feels much better on the Lost Mary than the ELF Bar, producing thick and flavorful clouds.

So there we have it – Dare we say it. But we believe the Lost Mary 5000 is better than the Elf Bar 5000!

Best Lost Mary Vape Flavors

You’ll see that you have way less flavors to choose from with the Lost Mary 5000, than the massive 31 available ELF Bar 5000 flavors (one flavor for every day of the month!). But Lost Mary have gone for quality over quantity! We were impressed with each available Lost Mary flavor. But if you want to know which is best, then check out our top 6 best Lost Mary flavors ranked;

#6: Blueberry Ice Lost Mary Vape

Starting off at number 6 is the Blueberry Ice. This flavor has a little sweetness to it, and the ‘ice’ menthol flavors aren’t too strong. The flavor is well balanced, but it’s certainly not the most punchy or powerful blend we’ve tried. This is great if you want a subtle taste, rather than a super tasty, hard hitting flavor.

#5: Cranberry Soda Lost Mary Vape

The Cranberry Soda has the flavor of a fresh virgin fruity drink. It comes with a bit of fizz as if you’ve poured a berry drink over ice. You get a slight tingle in your cheeks with the carbonation, and overall it’s a sweet and fruity taste.

#4: Pineapple Mango Lost Mary Vape

The Pineapple Mango blend has a nice smooth taste. The balance between the pineapple and mango is just right, and the flavor not overbearing. You can taste the floral taste of the mango. Pineapple Mango is definitely a flavor for vapers with a sweet tooth!

#3: Strawberry Ice Lost Mary Vape

We’ve made it to the podium at number 3. The Strawberry Ice flavor comes in a pink and baby blue color device. The strawberry flavor is smooth and creamy, rather than overly tart. There’s a little minty splash for the ice, that compliments the sweetness of the strawberry. It delivers a good throat hit – so this one gets a very respectable podium finish as our number 3 choice!

#2: Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary Vape

A mouthful to say, and a mouthful of flavor! Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava brings in lots of different tastes at once. The Lost Mary device color for this one is yellow with an orange band, and we think the color choices reflect the summery fruitiness of the flavor. Energizing. Fruity. Tropical. Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava is our number 2 favorite Lost Mary 5000 flavor – Give it a taste!

#1: Strawberry Mango Lost Mary Vape

The winner of the best Lost Mary vape flavor. If we could only choose 1 flavor to give a try, the Strawberry Mango would be it. Delivering a nice fusion of 2 of the sweeter fruits – the Strawberry and Mango compliment each other perfectly. A great duo like SpongeBob and Patrick. Sweet and smooth. Strawberry Mango is our favorite Lost Mary 5000 flavor. Try it for yourself now!


So there you have it. Should you try the Lost Mary 5000 Disposable Vape? We think so! The performance lives up to the hype, and the premium flavors are a treat on the tastebuds. If you’re still hunting for a flavor that tickles your fancy, then don’t fear. Check our Best ELF Bar Flavors ranked here!

Lost Mary Vape Questions & Answers

Lost Mary vape light meanings

Flashing Light: You have run out of either e-liquid or battery charge.
🟢 Green Light: Your battery is between 70%-100% charged
🔵 Blue Light: Your battery is between 29%-69% charged
🔴 Red Light: Your battery is under 29% charged & it’s time to recharge!


How to charge Lost Mary vape

On the top of the Lost Mary 5000 vape, there is a small oval shaped plastic cover. Use your fingernail to remove this, to reveal a USB Type C charging port. Use a USB-C cable to charge your Lost Mary vape. Connect your Lost Mary to a 1 Amp charging source such as a laptop, games console, or charging brick. When your Lost Mary 5000 battery indicator LED lights up red, it means you have <29% battery charge left, and it’s time to recharge!


How long do Lost Mary vapes last?

The Lost Mary 5000 lasts for approx 5,000 puffs! This depends on a number of factors including your average draw size, but 5,000 puffs is the average lifespan. The Lost Mary 5000 has a rechargeable battery, and comes pre-filled with 13ml e-liquid. Once you have run out of your 13ml e-liquid, it’s time to throw your device in the trash.


How to refill Lost Mary vape

It is not possible to refill your Lost Mary vape – They come pre-filled with 13ml Vape Juice. Once you have vaped all your e-liquid – simply throw them away and get a new one! Although you can’t refill a Lost Mary vape, they are rechargeable. This ensures you have enough battery power to use every last drop of the pre-filled e-liquid!


How much nicotine is in a Lost Mary vape

The Lost Mary 5000 vape juice is 5% Nicotine Salts / 50mg salt nicotine strength. Nic salts e-liquid delivers a smooth throat hit, and gives a higher nicotine blood absorption rate than traditional nicotine.


Who makes Lost Mary vapes

The brand Lost Mary make Lost Mary vapes. They are designed in collaboration with ELF Bar. The ELF Bar brand are absolute experts when it comes to disposable vapes – having made some of the biggest selling vapes in the world! Browse our entire ELF Bar range here.


Lost Mary 5000 Vape Price

If you’re interested in trying the Lost Mary 5000 for yourself – then order one below. We offer some of the best prices in the USA – and FAST SHIPPING as standard!