Discount Vape Pen no longer sell Disposable Vapes

We no longer stock disposable vapes. We strongly encourage every nicotine vaper in our community to upgrade to a refillable vape kit or pod vape instead!

Why refillable vapes are better:

  • Better performance
  • Cheaper over time
  • Fewer batteries in trash
  • Last longer on a single charge
  • Explore more flavors + strengths
  • Customizable vapor delivery
  • Higher quality experience!

Why We've Put Disposables In The Trash

Discount Vape Pen is a company built & ran by vapers. We’re passionate advocates for vaping. Vapes are less harmful than smoking cigarettes, are the most effective cessation tool on the market, and have helped tens of thousands of smokers to quit tobacco.

However, the explosion in sales of disposable vapes, is turning public opinion against the entire vaping industry. This is why we have stopped selling disposable vapes - in an effort to encourage our community to make the switch to refillable vapes and pod vapes. Refillable vapes are the best alternative to disposable vapes.

Refillable vape in graphic: Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini

We truly believe refillable vapes are superior to disposable vapes! The drawbacks of disposable vapes are;

  • Unnecessary plastics + batteries going to waste
  • No customization for higher performance
  • Unregulated batteries can cause fires
  • Government ban inevitable in near future
  • Encourages under-aged, non-smokers to vape
  • Faulty counterfeits flooding the market

Highest Rated Refillable Vapes