How Do I Choose An Online Vape Store To Buy From?

How Do I Choose An Online Vape Store To Buy From

If you’ve ever shopped online for your vaping products, you know how fast, easy, and low pressure it can be. There are lots of positive aspects of shopping online. But, shopping in a brick-and-mortar store has its advantages as well. With all of the online vape shops available, how do you know which one to choose?

Watch for Reviews

With so much information online nowadays, it’s foolish to shop anywhere without first checking out some reviews. Google the name of the online shop and see what the reviews have to say about their products, shipping, customer service, sales, etc.

Check Prices

Ordinarily, online prices are much lower than the prices you will see in brick-and-mortar stores. Do a little comparison-shopping to see who’s got the best prices for the products you’re interested in.


Not all websites that sell vape products have a huge selection. If they sell what you’re looking for, the selection may not be as important. Even some websites with limited selections offer great prices, fast shipping, and more.

Check Out the Website

Not always, but very frequently, crummy websites mean crummy products and service. If the website looks like it was put together by a five-year-old or is hard to navigate, chances are, you’ve run across a vape site that is less than desirable. Move along.

Should I Buy Online or at a Brick-And-Mortar Shop?

This is a conundrum! Each option has its pros and cons (as with most anything in this world). Let’s take a look at a couple of pluses and minuses involved in each choice:

Brick and mortar:

Pros – very often you can sample e-juices before buying, you’re supporting a good cause (local business), if you pass the shop frequently its convenience, you get to hobnob with other vapers, instant feedback, you can actually touch the product before you buy it.

Cons – occasionally pushy salesman, prices are frequently elevated (sometimes exorbitantly), limited hours of business, return policies that are ridiculously strict, the selection is limited, employees who know nothing about what they sell.

Online shop:

Pros – no pushy salesman, usually a decent selection, easy browsing/shopping, products and prices compared instantly, generally lower prices, easy to find deals and sales, they are always open, email notifications of sales, new products, etc.

Cons – shipping costs (unless they’re free), waiting for your shipment, you can’t actually handle anything but have to rely on specs and pictures, neither can you sample e-juices to see if they taste good, return policy is sometimes inconvenient, no assistance face to face.

You Can Trust Discount Vape Pen!

At Discount Vape, we pride ourselves on fast delivery, excellent prices, an impressive selection, and high-quality products. Our site is easy to navigate and includes customer reviews, information about handling and shipping, product videos, educational pieces, and frequently asked questions. Here’s what some past customers have to say:

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Of course, the choice is ultimately up to you. Your satisfaction is what matters most. Delighting in the vape is only part of the story. A pleasurable buying and shopping experience is important as well. From beginning to end – from shopping to luxurious cloud formations – this is what matters. So, vape away my friend, and above all else – enjoy!