How Do You Choose The Right Vaporizer To Buy?

How Do You Choose The Right Vaporizer To Buy

Whether you are new to vaping or have been experiencing the pleasurable pastime for a while now, you may have decided that you are in the market for the purchase of a new vaporizer. But how do you choose the right one? Let’s take a look at vaporizers and how to make that all-important choice. But first things first – what is a vaporizer?


A vaporizer is a device used for the inhalation of inorganic or organic materials. It releases their active substances in a vapor form using a non-combusting heat application.

Smoking Compared to Vaping

During vaping, the heat source being used to initiate the process is a heating element. When smoking, your heat source is very simply, fire (a match, lighter, etc.).

In vaping, the result of the process is vaporization, producing vapor. When smoking, the result is combustion, producing smoke.

Convection Versus Conduction: How Do Vaporizers Work?

During convection, a heat source warms air which then flows through whatever material you are vaping. On the plus side: There is very little chance of combustion here, it is easy to achieve temperature adjustments, and a high-quality vapor is produced. On the other hand, there’s a higher price tag here and more time is needed in order for vaporization to occur.

During conduction, however, the heating element and materials being vaporized come into direct contact with each other. This then releases vapor. On the plus side: this is an easy and cheap method using a fast heat up process. On the downside, there is a likely chance of combustion.

So How Do I Choose the Right One?

Keep in mind that vaporizers are constantly improving. To start things off, you may choose to simply go with a pen, just to see how you like the process/sensation. Wax, dry herbs, or e-liquid can be used in a medium pen with a good amount of resulting vapor production. There are several characteristics to pay attention to when comparing pens: easy loading, cartridge capacity, magnetic chargers, etc.

If you want more control over your device, there are larger, more complicated handheld vaporizers. There are analog vaporizers and digital vaporizers. For a comparison between the two, click here. This next level of vaporizer is a bit boxier, put still fits well in your hand. And many are designed with aesthetics in mind. Regardless of whether you choose a pen or a little bit more sophisticated, larger vaporizer with temperature controls and other bells and whistles, both choices are extremely portable. They’re perfect for the person on the go.

But, there are also tabletop and desktop vaporizers. These are frequently used by those seeking better quality over the more portable models, and the ability to produce more billowy clouds of vapor. If you are switching to vaping from smoking, tabletop models may be more satisfying to you when compared to your smoking experiences of old.

You can always keep a handheld vaporizer handy for when you need to get up and go. When looking at tabletop models, some of the characteristics to consider are efficiency, the delivery system, the learning curve (for usage), temperature control, price, and the manufacturer.

Hopefully, this will all help you pick whichever vaporizer best fits your lifestyle.