How Should I Store E-Liquids?

How Should I Store E-Liquids

Even though you aren’t going to break the bank buying new e-liquid, it’s nice if you can store it for as long as possible and still have it taste as great as the day you bought it. The following will be some storage tips from fellow vapers, a mixing team from a professional laboratory, and others.

Store Your E-Liquid in the Proper Place

When storing e-liquid, where is the best place to do so? The short and to the point answer is A) always out of the reach of children, and B) in a dark, cool place. In a dry, cool place, liquids without any flavor (VG/PG base liquids) can last as long as two years – for those who enjoy custom e-liquids that they mix themselves. But once you add flavor to these bases, the life expectancy of your e-liquid shortens dramatically.

Propylene Glycol’s Benefits

The refrigerator is a great place to store your e-liquid. It is cool, and it is dark. If you’re not going to be using your e-liquid anytime soon, keep it away from heat and light. If propylene glycol is the base, main ingredient in your e-liquid, there is every chance that it will last longer than various other liquids you may have. Some viruses and bacteria are killed by PG, which makes your e-liquid last longer.

What’s the Story with Vegetable Glycerin?

It’s a whole different story, however, when you’re talking about vegetable glycerin. Vapers who enjoy the production of thicker vapor clouds frequently choose e-liquids made with vegetable glycerin. And there is your free tip of the day – if you’re looking for huge, thick, luxurious clouds, use an e-liquid with vegetable glycerin.

For long-term storage of VG e-liquids, you have to be more careful than with PG. When stored for long periods of time, e-liquids with vegetable glycerin tend to allow microorganisms to degrade them. They don’t fight off bacteria and viruses like PG does. If the flavor seems tarnished or becomes fuzzy, chances are your e-liquid has gone bad. This doesn’t happen very often with e-juices that are professionally mixed, however.

Additionally, heat and light have a negative effect on nicotine. They cause degradation. So, no matter if they are e-liquids with VG or PG, storing them properly is of the utmost importance.

Can I Extend the Shelf Life Of My Favorite E-Liquid?

Though the refrigerator is a great place to store your e-liquid, particularly if you’re not going to use it for a long time, you can even stick it in the deep freeze for a while. It will actually extend your favorite e-juice’s life expectancy greatly.

If you purchased your e-liquid in a plastic bottle, another way of extending its shelf life is to transfer it to a glass bottle. It is not uncommon for an e-liquid to last longer than two years if it is stored under good conditions and in a glass bottle. And, of course, always try to buy your e-liquid in the freshest condition possible.