How To Fill Your Micro G Clearomizer Tank

Vaporizer pens are undoubtedly one of the biggest growing trends amongst smokers around the world today. They are both stylish and substantially healthier for user than the traditional tobacco filled cigarette by removing all the harmful toxins out of the equation when the smokeless vapor is inhaled. E-liquids are also available without nicotine which seriously helps individuals combat their nicotine addictions.

To stay in good health and to have an enjoyable experience with your vape pen you must know how to maintain and operate your vape pen properly. The 5 Steps will show you how to fill your Micro G Clearomizer / atomizer properly.


Prior to filling a clearomizer / atomizer, it is best to turn your vaporizer pen off (press the button 5 times consecutively to do this), and detach the atomizer from the battery. This will prevent accidentally dropping any e-liquid onto the battery and destroying it, or burning your atomizer while it is dry.


Pull off the mouthpiece portion of the atomizer to reach the chamber where you will pour your e liquid. When you look inside you will see the coil inside a cylinder in the middle of the clearomizer.


Pour your e-liquid in the empty space around the sides of the coil cylinder being sure not to overfill the clearomizer. DO NOT POUR E-LIQUID INSIDE THE COIL CYLINDER OR YOU WILL DESTROY THE ATOMIZER!


Once you have filled the clearomizer / atomizer with some e liquid, put the mouthpiece cap back on.


Attach the atomizer to the pen battery, press 5 clicks to turn on your pen and enjoy 🙂

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