How To Vape Like A Pro

Vape Like A Pro

The vaping world can be intimidating for those who are new to the scene. It can be difficult to integrate vaping into one’s daily lifestyle, maintain the condition of your vaping device, and choose the right e-liquids without proper guidance. If you have recently upgraded to an open-system vape or completely new to vaping, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

Buy from A Reputable Source

If you have purchased an e-juice because it was cheap, you may end up with e-juice that’s of inferior quality. It is better to invest in food-grade ingredients and pure medical-grade nicotine. Another important thing is e-liquid flavor. You will have a wider range of choices to choose from if you buy from a reputed manufacturer. It is important to avoid using cinnamon, essential oil, acidic or citrus flavored e-liquids in a plastic tank.

Allow the Flavors to Mix Well

If you purchase an e-liquid bottle that lacks flavor, you may want to steep it for a week or two. You can also achieve a richer flavor by storing your e-liquids in a dark room for a few weeks. If possible, shake the bottles occasionally to prevent the formation of sediments.

Understand What PG/VG Ratios are

Based on the kind of vape cloud and flavor you desire, you might need an e-liquid that is lower or higher in vegetable glycerin.  Low VG e-liquids produce a rich flavor, provide a deeper throat hit, and produce smaller clouds. High VG e-liquids produce smoother hits and a thicker smoke but can clog one’s vape atomizer.

Perform Vape Device Maintenance

E-juice residue can build up near battery connection points. To check for dirt and residue, you need to unscrew the battery and inspect the parts where the atomizer and battery come into contact with each other. Remove any dirt you see with a cotton cloth. Make sure that the threads are thoroughly cleaned as well. This procedure should be performed on a regular basis.

Clean Out the E-Liquid Tank Regularly

If e-liquid tanks are cleaned at irregular frequencies, you can experience bad flavor, build-up and e-juice leakage. Try disassembling your vape device, emptying excess e-liquid, and rinsing the mouthpiece, atomizer and tank under hot, running water. If you often vape, you should be doing this at least once a week.

Facilitate Proper Battery Care

A damaged battery can take a toll on your vaping device. Take proper care by preventing it from getting scratched or knocked against hard surfaces. When you need to recharge your batteries, unscrew the battery from your vape device or mod.

Prime the Cotton or Wicks After Changing the Coil

If you don’t prime the cotton or wicks after changing the atomizer head or coil, you may experience harsh dry hits. If you are handling the internal wicks of an atomizer head, drip vegetable glycerin or e-liquid in the holes where the cotton material inside can be seen. When you light up the vape pen next time, take a few quick drags without inhaling. This helps to even out the vape flavor.

Keep an Extra Set of Batteries

There is nothing worse than having a strong craving to vape and running out of batteries at the same time. With extra set of batteries in tow, you never have to worry about waiting for hours to recharge your vape device.