Join In The Vaping Advocacy Fight Today!

vaping advocacy

When smoking was all the rage, nobody complained. Then it was discovered that maybe smoking wasn’t all that healthy and everyone started to complain (everyone that wasn’t a smoker, that is). Your neighbor whined because of all the cigarette smoke coming from your place. And now, with e-cigarettes and other vaporizers, one would think that everybody could calm down.

But no. People are still trying to limit, or do away with completely, a person’s right to enjoy vaping in public. And of course, your neighbor is still whining, but this time about the vapor clouds. Is there a way to support the fight for vaping advocacy? What can we, those who believe in everyone’s right to vape in public, do to uphold our rights?

Become An Advocate

If you blog or participate in a social network, this is a really good way to begin joining the fight. Supporting vaping rights online through blogs, social media, and other resources can help further the cause. Release reliable research, help launch petitions, and fill out surveys conducted by pro-vaping organizations. All of these will help to quash the absurd regulations and rules that agencies such as the FDA are trying to put on vaping.

Got A Story To Share?

If vaping and e-cigarettes have changed your life for the better, get your story out there where everyone can see and hear it. Tell the world. Particularly for those who have never vaped, positive, life-changing stories can make all the difference in their view on vaping. Your story may be all they have to base their opinion on. Tell anyone who will listen how your life was impacted by the benefit of vaping and the detrimental effects it could have on yours and other people’s lives if your right to vape is removed. This puts a human face on vaping and appeals to people’s sense of compassion.

Bring A Smoker Over To the Vaping Side

With smokers having almost no rights anymore, try to convert a friend or coworker who smokes over to vaping. It is frequently more acceptable in public areas than smoking, considerably healthier, somehow less objectionable to many, and – let’s face it – tastier and more enjoyable. Debunk any myths or bad information that they may have read or overheard about vaping. And there’s plenty of it out there.

Share the Good Information & What You Know To Be True

If you currently are a vaper, you know certain things to be true. It’s time to share that expert knowledge with others in hopes of enlightening everyone to our vaping plight. With all of the misinformation or lack of good information, it’s no wonder so many uninformed individuals are against vaping. And whenever possible, use personal stories and published articles to back your claims. By employing logic, you may be able to tear down some of the vaping misconceptions clouding people’s minds.

Stay On Top Of Things

You will do more harm by sharing bad information than if you had just kept it to yourself. There’s enough negative or completely false information out there already. Know your facts when it comes to vaping. Look at some of the challenges that vapers are currently facing on global levels, nationwide, and locally. You may even want to set up an alert to your email through Google News Alerts so you can be informed as to late breaking news about e-cigarettes and vape, the industry, its struggles, new products and research, and other pertinent information. The more hard facts you know, the more you will be able to accurately inform others.

If you would like to inquire as to how you can assist vapers in maintaining their rights visit SFATA, VTA, and CASAA. There you will find information on how to hold onto the rights that vapers currently have and how to protect them in the future.