Mechanical Mods Are Old School

When was last time you saw a beeper? A rotary phone? How about a cassette player? Better yet, an encyclopedia? Can you remember? …Me neither. These things have all evolved into our modern cell phones, iPods and other handheld devices. Think about it for a second. Why would you carry around more devices then necessary when you could just have one high tech item that can take care of all your needs? This is how I have been starting to feel about mechanical mods. To all you hard core mech mod vapers ready to scream and holler and close out this web page, just hear me out for a second.

I just want to point out a few things for you to mull over while you grind your morning coffee beans and check your answering machine messages. Let’s face it, some things just become obsolete. I mean, carrying around a beeper and a roll of quarters is a thing of the past. Information just travels too fast these days. People need answers right now! When you need an answer fast do you grab an encyclopedia? Wikipedia and Google have the answers to every important question I could possibly have. Even stupid questions like, “what’s the worst Nicholas Cage movie?”. All of them, DUH! Mechanical mods are Nick Cage movies.

First off, mech mods are super low tech, bordering on dangerous if you’re not experienced. It’s basically a pipe with two contact pins on either side. You throw your battery in and attach your atomizer and voila, you look like a vaper. But let’s be honest here, there’s much more to vaping then that. Unless you’re feeling really froggy, you’re not going to want to throw your RDA on without checking it on an ohm reader. Without that, you won’t know whether your building a .02 ohm coil or a pipe bomb. Right there you are looking at an extra piece of tech to carry around. Add that to your wire, cotton, pliers and screwdriver and you’re going to need a tool-belt just to fit in at the local vape bar. Why not cut out the middle man and get a variable voltage mod, or better said, a mod with some technology in it.

We already use our phones to do everything from calls and texts, to banking and dating. Why stop there? Why not have your vape do the ohm reading and volt measuring for you? Don’t you like being able to check the weather, your bank balance and Kim Kardashian’s latest spectacle all on the same device? With a variable voltage mod like the DNA30, an Eleaf iStick or even an Innokin MVP 2.0, you can check your ohms and decide how much power you want to throw at your atomizer. If you’re battery is getting low, you might want to boost the watts to get those last few good hits in. You can also charge your vape on the go with a mini usb charger. With mech mods you will have to have a battery charger on deck or just carry around extra charged batteries.

This to me takes all the fun out of vaping. Vaping is supposed to be an accessory to my life, not my whole life. Lugging around a charger, extra batteries and an ohm reader starts to make me question why I quit smoking in the first place. A cigarette is so easy to transport and use. Just take the pack out of my pocket, pull out a stoge and light it up. Done. That’s how I want my vape to be. That’s how I need it to be. My life is already overly complicated and the last thing I need is a man purse with all my vape gear in it.

Now I know there will always be a place for mechanical mods. Old vinyl record players and vintage clothing are still sought after and collected. But, I think the majority of us would rather download our music and grab a pack of white tees from target then search through piles of vintage t-shirts and crates of dusty records. But hey, maybe it’s just me. What do you think?


  1. Valery on December 19, 2014 at 3:47 am

    No no no no. 1 I have compared both, maniacal mods are WAY better, I can tare mine apart and rebuild it in 1min 22 sec Including the atty. The power, vapor and tast are equal to the DNA40, lets see you rebuild that. Fyi Hades all Copper 26650 with an IMREN battery and a Poseidon V3 with a .023 Ohm nicrome dual coil. All authentic. And No #2 VW/VV mods brake down, get broken, get hacked, get wet, just plan dont work, and wost of are are WAY more pricey, not by the hair on my chin. And #3 If my mechanic mod gets wet,(change battery of course) i can clean it and it will still work, it cant be Crushed, but if it gets maled by a mac truck can can re thread it, I can shine it up like new every day(without worrying about overheating the Chip). My set up cost me 26$ for the mod (ebay) 25$ for the atty, 1$ bag of cotton, 10 for 150′ Nichrome, 25$ for 4 batteries (ebay), thats 87$ VV VW mods are lets say cheep end 100$ and thats just the mod. HA Whats my incentive? Oh better technology? Oh thats right so my s*** gets hacked, so I have to buy a new mod every time it brakes, get headaches from haveing to keep buying a new one, not to mention my wallet?!, NO THANK YOU

  2. Valery on December 19, 2014 at 3:54 am

    Ohh #4 my mod fits in my pocket nicely, like a pen, I dont need to carry an Ohm meeter becouse I build my S*** to last. I have time at home in the summer on the weekend when I am rearranging my sock draw to build coils. And Batteries thats ok to mine last 12.2 hrs and I have 4 (2 in my car n 2 at home.) Im good.

  3. Valery on December 19, 2014 at 3:58 am

    Oh and by the way. If I did not tell you befor ill tell you again, your name Discount Vapor the logo is verry VERRY SEXIST

  4. Jason on December 22, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Haaaa. lmao that was a good read or at least i tried to read it. 1.) you should proofread. 2.) you definitely should proofread. 3.) after you proofread, do it one more time. 4.) they make absolute sense. maybe you like old s**t like rotary phones, the t.v. with the ass still attached or even a walkman, but mech mods can be very dangerous. from the basic user to an enthusiast, a box mods can take you a lot further. you have fun spit shining and waxing your mod, while normal people inhale.

  5. Jason on December 22, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    P.S. get hacked?? shut up lol. I dont think the NSA or FBI is looking to see if a box mod is behind some major attack lol

  6. David on December 26, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Lol yep, I totally agree with this write up. Mech mods are dangerous(very dangerous for newbs). I’ve seen batteries leak and pop due to an improper build of a mech mod.

    VW VV mods aren’t even that heavy on the price. And instead of rebuilding your mech mod, on VV VW mods all you have to do is press “A FEW” buttons. VOILA.

    I started with a basic $25 Vamo V5 and it did me very well. Dropped it in cooler full of water and left to dry overnight and BAM back to vaping. Now im on the box mods. Enjoy your “time consuming” old school mechanicals, and let us know when it shorts and explodes the battery!