Tobacco Flavor Disposables

Explore Tobacco Flavored Disposable vape pens. Closest substitute to smoking a cigarette. Fantastic for States with a Vape flavor ban. Shop now!

Tobacco Flavored Disposable Vapes Benefits

  • Closest alternative to smoking a cigarette
  • Can help users quit smoking tobacco cigarettes
  • Vapes keep your nicotine cravings satisfied
  • Vapor is more discreet than cigarette smoke
  • Timeless tobacco isn’t sweet like most e-liquid flavors
  • Convenience of disposables means no refilling
  • Legal in States with vape flavor bans

What’s the Best Tobacco Flavored Vape?

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Tobacco Vapes to Quit Smoking

Tobacco flavor disposable vapes are often the first device picked up by smokers who are trying to quit cigarettes. The tobacco flavor tastes similar to a cigarette, and they satisfy your nicotine cravings. Some even take the familiar e-cigarette shape.

Some States with flavor bans have actually outlawed the majority of vape flavors, other than Tobacco, for this very reason. Tobacco flavor disposables are the closest alternatives to cigarettes. This is great for government, as it reduces the number of people smoking.

We’ve heard from endless customers that tobacco e-cigs were the golden bullet that enabled them to finally quit smoking. A lot of these customers had tried other routes for years – Nicotine gum, patches, and hypnosis. None of these alternatives had stuck.

The main benefit of using tobacco vapes when quitting smoking, is they allow you to still enjoy the habitual aspects of smoking. This is what most smokers miss most – Taking a deep drag in the car after a long shift. Nipping outside of the bar when out with friends. Excusing yourself after dinner when the in-laws are visiting. With tobacco vapes, you can still do all these things. You still get to satisfy your nicotine craving and enjoy the social aspects of vaping – whilst enjoying the benefits of switching from inhaling smoke to vapor.

If you think you vape for the social side, and not for the nicotine. Then why not try a 0% Nicotine Free vape. You get to enjoy vaping, without inhaling any nic!

See if tobacco flavored disposables can help you quit smoking!

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