Concentrated Nicotine Additive

Customize the nic strength of your vape juice with Concentrated Nicotine Additive. Add nicotine additive to your vape juice, and shake. DIY juice flavor chasers – Mix your own today!

Vape juice nicotine additive

Have you fallen in love with a vape juice flavor – But found that it just doesn’t come in the right nicotine strength? You love the taste, but it just doesn’t pack a punch? Well with a concentrated nicotine additive, it’s possible to fully personalize your juice to fit your preferences. No longer will you have to vape twice the amount of e-liquid, just to get a decent nicotine hit. Adding salt nicotine to your bottle will give you the strength you desire!

DIY Vape Juice

Perhaps you like to vape different nicotine strengths during different times of the day. If you’ve bought a large bottle juice, or bulk batch of e-liquid in a low nicotine strength. Then nicotine additive will let you mix different bottles of this vape juice, at different % nic strengths.

DIY mixing vape juice is popular with vapers all over the world – YouTube is full of videos showing how it’s done! Please note, it is HIGHLY recommended to follow the mixing directions closely. Not mixing the solution properly can cause an uneven strength juice. Mixing the VG/PG of your juice will act as a carrier for the nicotine additive, so that the nicotine is dispersed evenly throughout your eliquid.

How To Add Nicotine Shots To Your E-Liquid Video

Vape Juice at Discount Vape Pen

Find your new favorite vape nicotine e-liquid today! At Discount Vape Pen we have 100’s of e-liquid flavors. With vape juice nicotine additive – You can mix your own batch! We offer the best prices and fast shipping. Read our customer reviews and try for yourself!

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