New Vape Arrivals

Explore New Vape Arrivals! The newest vape products to hit the market. Top brands, at the best prices. Simple.

Our new vape arrivals feature both brand new devices; and also improved, reimagined products. Brands are always working to improve their best selling vape devices to incorporate better performing components, longer lasting batteries, and more user-friendly designs.

New Nicotine Juice Releases

If you’re a keen e-liquid flavor chaser – then trying out the latest e-liquids is a great way to keep your collection fresh! Explore brand new juice flavors from Top brands. Fruity, sweet and desert flavors. Or for those looking to keep the cigarettes at bay, try new salt nicotine juice. Salt nicotine juice hits quicker than regular nic juice, absorbing into your bloodstream faster. Brands are also releasing more nicotine free options, for cloud chasers who want all the flavor from a non nicotine juice!

New Vape Pens

We’ve seen the release of the best ever new vape pens. Technology has allowed manufacturers to use high performing batteries + top quality materials, to fit inside pocket-sized pens that you can easily carry around in your pocket. Now you don’t need a large, heavy vape battery if you’d like to vape all day. For heavy vapers, you can still find slimline vape pens with 1000mah+ batteries. Or for the casual vaper, you can choose even smaller vape pens. Explore our range of brand new vape pens now!

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