Salt Nicotine Juice

Explore Nicotine salts e-liquid delivers a higher blood absorption rate than traditional vape juice. For our Editor Picks and Highest Rated – Check our Best Salt Nicotine Juice shortlist!

What Is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine juice comprises natural nicotine that extracted directly from the tobacco leaf. This base nicotine is mixed with an acid, to create a salt nicotine solution. Although ‘salt nicotine’ may suggest salt crystals – the solution is 100% liquid. Salt nicotine is a naturally occurring ingredient. If you have ever smoked a traditional tobacco cigarette, then you have experienced nicotine salt. Read our guide What is Salt Nic? here.

Nicotine salts e-liquid has become a firm-favorite of vapers around the globe, storming ahead of normal nicotine vape juice. This is thanks to a superior nicotine delivery, smoother hit, and other benefits;

Benefits Of Salt Nicotine Juice

Nic salts juice delivers a smooth throat hit. This means you can vape higher nicotine concentrations, without your e-liquid tasting overwhelmingly strong. The other major advantage is that nicotine salts delivers a higher blood-absorption rate. It has been proven that nicotine salt vape juice will enter your bloodstream faster than traditional vape juice, at a rate closer to an traditional cigarette.

∙ Smooth throat hit
∙ Higher nicotine absorption rate
∙ You’ll feel the nicotine quicker
∙ Useful to help quit smoking

The fact that the nicotine is absorbed into the blood faster, and the e-liquid tastes smoother, makes nicotine salts an effective way of consuming nicotine. This can be particularly helpful if you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes, and you are looking to quit smoking by substituting smoking for vaping, to enjoy the health benefits of making the switch (from inhaling vapor instead of smoke). Nicotine salts can also be helpful for smokers who are looking to quit cigarettes completely.

Not sure which nicotine strength to choose, compared to cigarettes? Read our handy tips to choosing nicotine strength now.

Nicotine Salt Juice Vs Normal Vape Juice

Salt nicotine juice has overtaken normal nicotine juice in popularity in recent years. One might not necessarily be ‘better’ than the other, depending on what you look for in vape liquid;

∙ Nic salts blood absorption rate similar to a cigarette
∙ Normal juice better for cloud chasers
∙ Nic salts juice better for low wattage vapes
∙ Normal juice better for high powered vapes
∙ Nic salts more balanced flavor (PG level)
∙ Normal juice for sweeter flavors (high VG)
∙ Nic salts high nicotine helps smokers quit smoking

Salt Nicotine Juice Flavors

Discount Vape Pen stock 100’s of salt nicotine juice flavors. From fruity, refreshing, and sweet dessert flavors – to traditional Tobacco and menthol flavors. There are lots of flavors to try – Browse all our e-liquid flavors here! With every day that passes, new and exciting e-liquid flavors hit the market. Keep your eyes peeled for our newest arrivals, or check the Best Sellers for the most popular classics!

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