RDA & RTA Atomizers

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer and RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer.

The parts that you will need in order to rebuild are available in abundance at Discount Vape Pens. When it comes to vaping devices, an RDA is very possibly the most basic kind. With this type of device, your e-juice needs to be physically dripped onto the wick of the device because there is no tank. On the other hand, your e-juice is contained in a reservoir tank that is attached to an atomizer with an RTA vaping device.
Note: There is also a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer which is referred to as an RDTA.

About RTAs and RDAs

Currently carried by Discount Vape Pen are some of the finest RTAs and RDAs available. Devices by Ohm Nation, 24 mm RDAs, 25 mm RTAs, and more are currently available. There are different designations for rebuildable tank atomizers. Each of the four acronym labels begin with an R which stands for rebuildable. Referred to as “builds”, the most commonly used items for rebuilding are wicks and coils. The term RBA can refer to any atomizer that has a build deck.

Why Buy RDA / RTA From Discount Vape Pen?

As mentioned earlier, we have a wide variety of rebuildable atomizers and vaporizers at Discount Vape Pen. Additionally, we have the parts needed with which to do the rebuilding. When it comes to vaping devices, e-juices, e-cigs, and all other supplies required for a pleasurable vaping experience, you can count on us to stock them. Check out our impressive inventory today before you shop anywhere else.

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