Temperature Control Vapes

Temperature control vapes allows you to personalize your vaping experience. Regulating the heat levels and coil temperature in your device alters the intensity of your vape – to suit your vaping style and cloud production!

Vape Pen with Temp Control

It’s not just larger box mods and dab pens that give you custom heat settings – Vape pens with temp control offer the ability, but in a smaller package. But what temperature should you use for your nicotine e-liquid?

Best Temperature to Vape E-Liquid

Box mods and vape pens with temp control give you total control over the heat that your coil kicks out. To understand what temperature ranges mean for your e-liquid vapor, here is a guide to what you can expect;

390°F to 420°F
Most popular range. Seen as the perfect vaping temperature by most – You’ll enjoy full flavor, and will receive the optimum performance from the juice. Refreshing hit that won’t be harsh on your lungs.

325°F to 450°F
Your vapor will start to feel warm. The flavor will likely be slightly enhanced – But make sure to use a nicotine juice that is designed for higher temperatures!

450°F to 490°F
Strong flavor, and a lot of vapor will be produced! Your vapor will likely feel HOT. Some may find this unpleasant, and cause you to cough.

Best Temperature To Vape Weed

Dry herb vaporizers usually come with a range of temperature controls and presets, so you can vape weed at your favorite temperature. How well-done you like your herbs comes down to individual preference! You’ll soon find your favorite temperature as you try different settings over time. But as a starter guide, here is what you can expect from each temperature;

392°F | Getting Started
A low temperature, which creates less vapor. Will release plenty of terpenes and rich flavor. This is suitable for first hits on the fresh chamber of flower, and for flavor chasers.

410°F | Lightly Toasted
This medium roast will produce a good smooth taste. The vapor will be slightly hotter, with a good level of release. Enjoy a pleasant euphoria.

428°F | Half Baked
For a smooth and more robust vapor. You’ll experience a slight flavor loss compared to lower temperatures. Suitable for the end of your session. Relaxing euphoria.

446°F | Fully Baked
Maximum vapor production with high terpenes. The flavor will have depleted. Intense euphoria with some lethargy. Suitable for experienced vapers – For when you want to really blast off!

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