Product Spotlight: Naked Unicorn By Naked 100

Naked Unicorn e-liquid review

Naked Unicorn By Naked 100 Cream, one of the most refreshingly fruity tasting e-juices in existence, is now available at Discount Vape Pen. This new flavor is turning heads and invigorating taste buds in vapers everywhere. No matter what time of day you enjoy this e-liquid, you will likely think you’re having dessert!


Naked 100 Cream is the manufacturer of Naked Unicorn. The Schwartz, the e-liquid brand responsible for this special line of flavors, is well known for their ability to create amazing flavors with a premium taste. This particular e-liquid or e-juice is based on delicious cream blended with ripe, fresh strawberries.

Flavor Profile

Reportedly, among all of the e-juices out there, this is one of the most deliciously succulent. It is, as just stated, reminiscent of mouth-watering strawberries and silky cream, and you can’t beat that. Upon inhale, you will detect a creamy flavoring that is likely to make your taste buds all tingly and jumping for joy.

The exhale brings out the fresh strawberries and even more of the silky cream flavoring. The tip of your tongue will be left with a perfect, everlasting impression that is subtle and smooth on the throat. In fact, your throat may not even realize that you’re vaping.

The flavor is neither “in your face” or too subtle to notice. It’s perfectly in between. And in addition to being easy on the throat, even repeated inhales in succession do not leave the vaper light headed, as do some e-juices. There are lots of strawberry/cream e-liquids out there, but this e-juice, from the Naked 100 Cream line, tops them all. One vaper described the exhale as leaving a delightful taste in your mouth that is comparable to a strawberry starburst candy – but creamier.

Smelling this product directly from the bottle is pleasant but in no way compares to the practically religious experience of inhaling and exhaling the creamy strawberry overtones and undertones.


  • Naked Unicorn comes in 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg nicotine levels
  • The bottle size is 60 mL, and the VG/PG ratio is a blend of 70/30

This blend works perfectly with the flavor of a fruity cream. Maximum clouds and flavor will be enjoyed by the vaper that chooses Naked Unicorn.


Fans of Naked 100 e-liquid brands will likely recognize the familiar bottle design common to all Naked 100 e-juice bottles. The off white label on this one has a red font and reads “Naked Unicorn” and “Naked 100 Cream”. Most prominent on the label is, of course, the word ‘naked’ – with a small “n”. So right there it’s going to get everyone’s attention. And of course, the bottle cap has the traditional eyedropper built right in.

What Do Vapers Think?

Consumers of Naked Unicorn have given it five out of five stars. One quote from a reviewer referred to the amazingly smooth creamy taste of the exhale, the rich warmth of the inhale, and it vaping perfectly on a hot build with a limited airflow. They also said that they would be sure to buy it again as will most who try this lovely, fruity, lusciously creamy product!