Delta 8 PreRoll Joint 1.75g by Blue Moon Hemp


  • Delta 8 PreRoll Joint
  • 1.75G King Size PreRoll
  • 20% Delta-8 THC Moon Rock
  • Rolled in 250mg CBG Kief
  • Potent + Long Lasting
  • Smell-Proof Tube
  • Range of Strains
  • Official Blue Moon Hemp Brand
  • Organically-Grown Hemp Flower
  • Δ8 for Relaxation, Happiness + Creativity


Delta 8 PreRoll Joint 1.75g Moon Rock by Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Moon Rock pre-rolls contain hemp derived Delta-8 distillate with premium Blue Moon Flower, rolled in CBG Kief.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC can include feelings of improved mood, happiness, creativity and relaxation. But there are also possible side effects to be aware of including paranoia, dizziness and nausea. Read our full Delta 8 Guide here to learn all about Δ8-THC!

Delta 8 PreRoll Joint Features:

  • Each pre-roll contains 1.75 grams
  • 20% Delta 8 THC
  • KING Size
  • Rolled in 250mg CBG Kief
  • Organically-Grown Hemp Flower
  • Grown & Rolled in the U.S.A.
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