Ooze Grinder Tray

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Another useful tool from Ooze!


Ooze Grinder Tray

The Ooze Grinder Tray is guaranteed to help you roll faster and will eliminate the mess you usually make when grinding. Toss away the piece of cardboard and invest in a Grinder Tray. Load your dry herbs into the grinder like any other grinder, and the unique design of the tray will funnel your product into a narrow opening, preventing waste and the need to clean up afterwards.


  • Premium Grinder
  • Convenient built-in tray
  • Roll like a pro
  • 2 in 1 Feature
  • Quality Magnetized Grinder
  • Built-in Dispensing Funnel Rolling Tray
  • Loading Point at the Corner
  • Portable
  • Premium Plastic material
  • Easy to Use
  • 7.25” L x 5” W

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