OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot


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  • Black Liquid Kratom Shot
  • 8mL Bottle
  • Energy, Clarity + Focus
  • 375mg Mitragyna Leaf Extract
  • Premium ‘Maeng Da’ Kratom
  • Best Kratom Shot Winner!
  • 100% Organically Grown
  • Enhanced Alkaloid Content
  • Official OPMS Brand


OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot

The OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot is a highly potent and long-lasting herbal supplement containing a massive 375mg of Mitragyna Speciosa leaf extract, which produces powerful effects that can last throughout the day. It is unique because of its special cold-water extraction method, which is exclusive to OPMS Kratom, and guarantees freshness, quality, and flavor with each batch produced.

The OPMS Black shot was awarded our Best Kratom Shot award!

Due to its high alkaloid content, it is recommended to start with only half a shot and then adjust the dosage as needed. This product is made from the same Maeng Da kratom plant as OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom, but with a higher yield of alkaloids, making it even stronger. The OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot is 100% organically grown and harvested at peak maturity to ensure the best experience for the user, and it comes in a small bottle that can be taken on the go.

Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves contain a chemical called mitragynine, which can produce both stimulant effects, and sedative effects – depending on the strain and level of dosage. Read our full Kratom Guide here to learn all about kratom!

Maeng Da is the best-known Kratom strain. In Thai, the term translates literally to ‘pimp grade’, denoting high quality. Maeng Da is a term that refers to premium quality.

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