Smoxy Odor Eliminator 6.9oz Spray


  • 1x Smoxy Odor Eliminator 6.9oz

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Smoxy Odor Eliminator  6.9oz Spray

Eliminate any unwanted odors with the new Smoxy Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray! Captures and removes any scents that you need to mask, and keeps the air smelling fresh. Each aerosol can holds 6.9oz of fragrance per can and is available in over 10+ unique scents.

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  • 1x Smoxy Odor Eliminator 6.9oz

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Berry Baby, Forbidden Fruit, Grapefruit Express, Jasmine Train, Jazz Queen, Lilly Hammer, OG Kush, Orange Soda, Purple Haze, Vanilla Dream, White Flower Strain