Stiiizy Battery Kit for Oil Pods


  • Stiiizy Battery Pod Vape
  • For Stiiizy Pre-Filled Oil Pods
  • High Quality Concentrate Extracts
  • 210mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy
  • Range of Vibrant Colors
  • 3.1V – 3.3V Output
  • USB Charging Cable (included)
  • Fits Stiiizy Oil Pods 0.5mL + 1mL
  • * Magnetic Pod Connection
  • *Pods Sold Separately


Stiiizy Battery Kit – Oil Pod Vape Pen

The Stiiizy Battery is an innovative oil vape battery, that works exclusively with Stiiizy brand pods. The official Stiiizy brand make high quality concentrate extracts, in a range of delicious flavors and strengths. It uses a simple magnetic connection making it effortless to switch pods. The vape is buttonless and draw-activated.

The Stiiizy battery has a 210mAh battery capacity, and is rechargeable using the USB charging cable (included). The battery life is great and will last you a number of sessions. The device body is constructed from aluminum alloy. This makes it durable, yet gives it a surprisingly lightweight feel. The design is super sleek and simple (similar to a JUUL), and the battery is available in a range of vibrant colors. The device runs at 3.2V Volts (+/-0.1V) which delivers a smooth, flavorful hit from your oils.

This battery works with Stiiizy brand oil pods. These come in 0.5mL (0.5g) and 1mL (1g) capacity. Stiiizy sell a wide range of Award Winning pods – in concentrate strains and strengths. These pods come pre-filled. This means no sticky residue from filling your own pods. Just unwrap a new pod & click it in to your battery!

Stiiizy Battery Includes;

  • 1x Stiiizy 210mAh Battery
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • *Pods sold separately


Stiiizy Battery vs Biiig

There is a larger version of this Stiiizy battery called the Stiiizy Biiig battery. This regular Stiiizy battery runs at a lower voltage of 3.1V – 3.3V, vs the Biiig battery which runs at a higher voltage of 3.3V-3.5V. This regular battery will deliver mellow hits from your oil, and won’t be overly thirsty on using up your oil. This regular Stiiizy battery is great for casual oil vapers who want mellow hits, and want their oil to last a number of days.

If you are a heavy hitter with a higher tolerance, then you might prefer the Stiiizy Big battery. The higher voltage will deliver bigger hits, that hit you quicker than the regular battery. These larger hits are better if you want bigger rips, and larger clouds of milky vaper. Please note that the Stiiizy Big battery will use up your oil faster, and the device size is slightly larger.

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