Does Vaping Really Help You Quit Smoking?

vaping helps you quit smoking

Just in case hearing it through the grapevine wasn’t enough, it is now official. According to research, vaping can help you quit smoking. Contrary to what any number of naysayers claim that it is a detriment to those trying to quit, it literally can improve your likelihood of success! In fact, it has done so in roughly 20,000 cases.

E-cigarettes are being heralded as a credible device which can and has been used by some to help break that nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, thereby assisting them in improving their health.

Researchers Weigh In

The research referred to here was done by a group from UCL (University College London) and Cancer Research UK. It showed that individuals who could be classified as long-time smokers were now enjoying their new status as ex-smokers, thanks to vaping. E-cigarettes, specifically, ensured a high rate of success to those attempting to quit. A representative of the Cancer Research UK was, of course, quick to point out that a very effective method through which to quit smoking is and shall remain to do so through ‘stop-smoking services’, but that the vaping research results were impressive.

Tobacco vs. E-Cigs

There can be little doubt that compared to the damaging effects of real cigarettes, e-cigarettes are the safer alternative. Tobacco filled cigarettes are an addiction of deadly proportion and the positive impact experienced by those who have quit by the use of vaping or e-cigarettes is evident. How deadly are tobacco filled cigarettes? In the UK alone, annually, some 100,000 individuals perish as a result of smoking. It is also the major contributing factor in a type of cancer that is preventable.

Currently, the estimate for the number of e-cigarette users is somewhere around 2.8 million. But are there some who have not taken up vaping to quit smoking but as a new pastime? Yes. That is not being denied. But the fact remains that in the UK, with one out of every five adults being smokers, the chances of coronary disease increases significantly in those individuals.

Improve Your Health

In order for a smoker to cut back on their coronary disease risks, there is one all-important, significant step that must be taken. Quit smoking. How should you go about taking that step? One, now proven, way is through vaping.

Are people trading one habit for another? Maybe so. But giving up a bad habit which causes cancer and coronary disease for one that does not… where exactly does the problem lie in that?

The bottom line is, vaping has helped a massive number of individuals in their effort to quit smoking. By choosing to vape instead of smoke, they have allowed themselves, and those around them, a healthier choice. Is it simply replacing one vice with another? That remains to be seen and is, indeed, a matter of opinion. What is not for discussion is the fact that tobacco filled cigarettes are deadly. To date, at least, vaping is not.

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