Why Should I Keep My Vaporizer Batteries Clean?

Why Should I Keep My Vaporizer Batteries Clean

Germophobes will hate this piece of news. Your vape device can harbor potentially harmful microscopic organisms. Parts such as the batteries regularly come in contact with the environment. In addition, your hands are sometimes the most bacteria-laden part of the human body. That is why proper maintenance is required to increase the performance and overall service lifespan of your vaping devices.

Some vapers tend to overlook the cleanliness and hygiene of their vaporizer batteries. Since all that part does is charge the actual vape and let it function properly. The only time you notice the battery is when you need to recharge it periodically.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Vaporizer Batteries?

The connection point that is located between the battery and the rest of the device can affect functionality. Power needs to course through that connection so that it can convert itself to heat. That heat is needed to turn e-liquid into a flavorful vapor. When the connection point gets too dirty, power will be unable to run through the device. Fortunately, cleaning your vaporizer batteries is fairly easy. There are a few tips to follow daily, and they will help ensure that your battery will never fail again from being dirty.

Note: A vaping device can also malfunction if there is a leaky tank. When sticky vape juice builds up around the connection, there will be a poor transfer of power. Other causes include dropping your device. The impact may cause the connection to deform or break.

How To Clean MOD Batteries

It is safe to say that MOD batteries require the highest level of care. MODs have the ability to produce the most vapor and this puts significant strain on the battery. The batteries have a fairly large surface area. This means that you need to take time to wipe down the external surfaces of the battery. The combination of Q-tips and a little rubbing alcohol will work wonders. However, you should avoid touching the LED screens with anything that contains alcohol. The USB charging port should be kept intact too. Light scrubbing is needed for cleaning MODs because the practice keeps any harmful bacteria from touching your hands during your next vape session.

How To Clean Vape Pen Batteries

When it comes to cleaning your vape pens, the same cleaning techniques apply. For vape pens, the connection ports are generally bigger. Instead of using Q-tips, you can consider using wet wipes. However, it is a matter of personal preference. It is a sound idea to clean out the air holes and posts with a thumbtack or toothpick. Unlike e-cigarettes that limit airflow to reduce the occurrence of buildup, vape pens are the opposite. The air intake areas of vape pens require more attention as they are prone to build up.

Remember To Wash Your Hands

Do you wash your hands before handling food? If so, do the same before you vape! This good habit helps keep your battery clean in an array of ways. You should remove harmful bacteria by washing your hands with antibacterial soap. This will prevent dirt, grime, and other microscopic particles from clinging on to your vaping device. Follow this and you will be able to keep your battery working as if you just took it out of the box.