Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail Unboxing

Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail

Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail Unboxing

What’s going on, guys? This is Angel from Discount Vape Pen. Today, we’re gonna be looking at the Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail. We’re gonna dive down and show you what comes in the box. 

Alright, guys. Up and close with the torch. We’re gonna open it up and show you everything that comes in the box. Up top, you’re gonna have the device itself. This is gonna be your power button. Simple one-click to turn on, once-click to turn off, and then it does have an automatic shut off. This is gonna be the card cap. Also, remove the cap. Come right out. And then, this is gonna expose the chamber itself. So, you’re gonna have a cap on top of the chamber. This is gonna help with spillage. This is gonna be your coil. You’re gonna heat these guys up. Pretty good time on the ramp up. As you saw, the automatic shut off there. 

And the chamber is actually the coil. So, this is a removable coil. You can change these out and just slide a new one in. Put your cap back on, and then you can put the whole chamber back on as well. You have your air hole down at the bottom, and your USB charging port is gonna be right at top here. 

Now, your top piece is gonna fit any 14mm water pipe, as well any 18mm. This does come off as well. That’s just for cleaning purposes. And then, I’ll show you here is the down stem. Show you exactly how it sits in. This is an 18mm. As you can see, it sits perfectly in there. Very snug. The silicon piece right here is not gonna scratch anything up. Not gonna break anything, and it’s gonna fit nice and snug. I’ll show you everything else that comes in the box. 

Your leaf, you’re gonna have your instruction manual. You’re gonna have your spare coil. Another dual coil. You’re gonna have your USB cord. It’s nothing crazy. Just a standard micro USB. You’re gonna have your dab tool and then you’re also gonna have a glass chamber right here. That’s gonna be everything that comes in the box.

And that was our first look at the Yocan torch, your portable e-nail.

Alright, guys. That was our first look at the Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail. As you can see, it’s just a very simple to use, portable e-nail. We’re gonna show you now a full look at what it looks like on this pipe. It’s gonna sit on there just like that, and then your chamber here. You would turn this on and then let it heat up and load it up or you can just load it up and then start heating it up. This is gonna go back on and then you’re gonna be ready to use it. 

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