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5 Best Airis Vapes – Review

Airistech are known for their range of oil, wax, and dry herb vaporizers. They’re well-designed, affordable, and there are a variety of options to suit your vaping needs. But which Airis Vape is best? Read our 5 BEST Airis Vaporizers shortlist here, and see why our top 5 picks from Airistech are (named in the style of ‘Friends’ episodes);

  1. “The Popular One” Airis Mystica 2
  2. “The JUUL Pod One” Airis Janus Vape
  3. “The Beginner-Friendly One” Airistech Tripod 3-in-1
  4. “The Nectar Collector One” Airis 8
  5. “The Dry Herb One” Airistech Herbva 5G

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