Replacement Vape Coils

Vape coils heat up and turn e-liquid or wax into vapor. If your vapor is tasting burnt, has weak flavor, or is making a bubbling noise – It’s time to replace your coil! Replacing your coil will give you great tasting, rich vapor! Explore vape replacement coils from the world’s top vaping brands – At the Best Prices!

Vape coils are a heating element that consist of coiled wire. Electricity passes through the coil, causing it to heat up the e-liquid, and create clouds of vapor. Coils can be replaceable, or they can sit inside your vape pod, your atomizer, or cartridge. Coils can be made from a range of materials; mesh wire, titanium, ceramic or kanthal. The construction material will affect the quality, flavor and amount of vapor.

Vape Coils Brands

We sell coils from the world’s biggest and best official brands. Some vapes must be used with their brand coils – and some coils work with any vape!

Replacement Vape Coils at Discount Vape Pen

Replacing your vape coils, atomizers, or vape pods can be an expensive game. Don’t worry – Discount Vape Pen was founded by vapers – for vapers! We offer the Best Priced Vapes in the USA – and always FAST SHIPPING!! Buy your vape replacement coils from us, and you’ll be vaping again in no time!

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