E-Nails / E-Bangers

Attach E-Nails / E-Bangers to a water pipe to vape your concentrates. Smooth, water-cooled hits. Consistent temperatures. For advice – Read our complete E-Nail Guide here!

What is an E-Nail?

E-Nails use electricity to heat the nail of the dab rig to a specific temperature. E-Nails let you easily customize your dabbing experience, picking the perfect temperature depending on how much flavor, vapor and type of concentrate you want to dab. For more information – Read our complete E-Nail Guide here!

E-Nail Guide - What is an Enail?

Benefits of an E-Nail

  • Adjustable temperature
  • No naked flame means no combustion
  • Exact temperature to personalize experience
  • Waste less concentrates – Save money!

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