Pod System Vape Kits

Pod vapes are one of the most popular ways of vaping. Ran out of juice? Simply remove your empty pod, click in a new pod, and vape! Explore our Best Vape Pod System shortlist here.

Pod vape systems function similar to most vape pens, but the refilling process has been made more convenient. You no longer need to mess around refilling your e-liquid from a bottle, and pouring it into the tank. Inside each new pod is a fresh coil, which delivers crisp vapor. Pod vapes have a simplistic and easy-to-use design. The result is a hassle-free alternative to vaping compared to regular e-cigs!

Benefits of Pod Vapes

  • Sleek and portable vape pens
  • Convenient to refill when you run out of juice
  • Simply click in a new pod & vape!
  • Fresh new coil inside every pod
  • High quality vaping experience

Best JUUL Alternatives

If you vape pods, then there’s a good chance you’ve tried JUUL. JUUL has help the top spot as the top selling pod vape for the best part of a decade. But the tides are changing! If you’ve ran out of JUUL flavors to try, or just fancy a change – Then check our Best JUUL Alternatives Shortlist now!

Cheap Pod Systems at Discount Vape Pen

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