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Vaping pods are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of vaping. Not sure which device to choose? For our Editor Picks and Highest Rated pod vapes – Explore our Best Vape Pod System shortlist!

Pod systems are made by different manufacturers, the most notable of which are Bo, Phix and Joyetech. The pod systems function similarly to cigarette-like e-cigarettes, but are up to date in many ways. For one, they usually have a more simplistic and easy to use design. The result is a hassle-free alternative to vaping compared to regular e-cigs. However, they still retain some of the wanted qualities of cigarette-like vape pens, including portability and hardiness. However, pod systems are slightly larger in order to incorporate better components such as better coils and more long-lasting batteries. The tradeoff in size is not very large, as most high quality vape pod kits outperform the older e-cigs but have slim and portable profiles as well. Slightly more space also means that the atomizers in pod systems are much more advanced compared to those in regular electronic cigarettes, resulting in a better feel by the users.

Why Should You Choose Pod System Kits Products?

  • They are easily portable despite being slightly bigger than older vape pens
  • Longer lasting, more reliable and safer batteries
  • Elegant design makes them a fashion statement in addition to being useful products
  • Consistently high vapor quality makes for more satisfaction

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