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Our full range of vape pens & vaporizers! Devices for vaping nicotine e-liquid, concentrates, oil and dry herb. For our Editor Picks – Explore our Best Vapes shortlists!

Vape Pens for Wax, Oils and Concentrates

Concentrated cannabis extract is often referred to as wax, dabs, or shatter. Some concentrate pens are disposable and resemble a fountain pen; others are meant to be refilled by placing a new cartridge in it. Dab pens make vaping your CBD or THC oil easy: Simply hold down on a button on top of your pen, take a rip of your pen, and enjoy! Electric dab rigs allow you to vape wax by adding the wax direct to the bowl yourself. 510 thread batteries screw onto a cartridge that contains your oils. These are extremely portable and hassle-free devices, and the 510 thread is the universal fit, so you can use it with almost any cartridge you like!

Vape Devices for Nicotine E-Liquid

Vape pens for nic juice have helped people around the world give up smoking. Starter kits are the best entry-level solution for someone looking at quitting cigarettes for e-cigarettes. Disposable vape pens are the convenient solutions that take no time to prepare – Just inhale and the draw-activated device will deliver vapor! These are also available in nicotine free disposable options. Pod vapes use small, interchangeable e-liquid tanks called ‘pods’, which are easy to swap in and out.

If you want to try the world of delicious e-liquid flavors and nicotine strengths, then you can opt for refillable vape pods for your pod kit. Or for the experienced vaper who want cloud chase (create large, pillowy clouds of vapor), then mods and temperature control vape devices are for you. These complex devices come with a range of custom settings, including variable voltage and temperature.

Vape Devices for Dry Herb

If you want to vape cannabis herb, then a dry herb vaporizor will let you do this, and not get caught! Dry herb vapes use a heating element and coil system to vaporize dry herbs, without burning them. This delivers a better experience, more control over the dosage, and avoids hazardous smoke from combustion.

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