Buttonless 510 Vape Batteries

Explore buttonless cart battery vapes. Simply inhale to fire these stylish auto draw activated devices. No button, no hassle. Vaping carts has never been easier!

Buttonless Vape Battery Benefits

  • Auto draw-activated – Simply inhale & vape!
  • No need to press or hold any buttons
  • Easy-to-use and beginner friendly
  • Buttonless allows for sleek, seamless designs
  • Won’t accidentally fire in your pocket!

A buttonless 510 battery is perfect if you want a convenient and simple cartridge vape. No need to tinker with complex settings, or click buttons multiple times before you vape. All you have to do is put your lips to the mouthpiece, inhale, and the battery will fire automatically!

A buttonless vape battery is extremely simple to use, and popular with ex-smokers. They also reduce the risk of the power button being accidentally held down when in your bag or pocket. This can lead to running out of battery power without knowing it!

Buttonless Variable Voltage 510 Battery

Many buttonless 510 batteries are set to an optimum voltage output setting. However there are buttonless variable voltage cart batteries! These allow you to customise your voltage, based on your preferences and the viscosity of your oils.

Change voltage on buttonless, inhale-activated cart batteries by taking 3 quick puffs in succession. Inhale-activated variable voltage cart batteries include the Pulsar 510 DL and the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0.

Some buttonless 510 batteries have a hidden voltage switch, which you just flick between your desired settings. Switch batteries include the CCell Rizo 510 battery.

Then some buttonless batteries use smart technology to adjust voltage automatically! These include the mighty Hamilton Tombstone – which sits on the cutting edge of 510 battery tech.

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