Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Stealth Cart Vape


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  • Pulsar 510 DL 3.0
  • Stealthy Battery for Cartridges
  • Conceals & Protects Cartridge
  • Disguised with Disposable-Like Design
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Fits Wide 2G Carts
  • Pre-Heat Function
  • USB-C Charging
  • Universal 510 Thread
  • Variable Voltage 2.8V – 4.0V
  • Twist Voltage Adjustment Dial
  • Buttonless Auto-Draw Activation
  • Replacement Base Connectors Available
  • Fits Cartridges up to 2mL
  • *Cartridge sold separately


Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Stealth Cart Vape

The Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 is the latest stealth cart battery in the Pulsar range. This vape battery has intentionally been disguised as a disposable vape. But little will unsuspecting onlookers know – it is actually for 510 oil cartridges! The device conceals the oil cartridge, which also protects your cart from accidental knocks and drops.

The battery has a powerful 650mAh capacity. It offers variable voltage from 2.8V – 4.0V, so you can personalize your experience based on how hard you like to hit, or how thick oil you’re using. The voltage is adjusted via the variable voltage twist control dial on the base of the device.

Just like a disposable vape, this cart battery is buttonless! Other than the twist control dial, the device is auto-draw activated. You power the device on/off with 5 quick puffs, and 2 puffs will activate pre-heat mode. Attach the 510 cartridge by removing the magnetic base, screwing the cart on, and replacing the base securely. Replacement Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Magnetic Connectors are available here. This device will fit most carts up to 2mL capacity, and 14mm diameter.

The Pulsar DL 3.0 is ultra fast USB-C charging. When you’re running low on power, simply plug in a USB-C cable (not included), and a green light will glow when the battery is fully charged. The device is available in a range of colors.

Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Features:

  • Size: 4.0 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches (101 x 28 x 28mm)
  • Maximum cartridge size: 14mm diameter
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Voltage: 2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V / 4.0V
  • Preheat: Rapidly auto-draw 2 times
  • Adjust voltage: Flex temp dial on the bottom from 2.8V to 4.0V
  • Charging Port: USB-C

Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Package Includes:

  • Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Battery
  • Bottom Magnetic Connector

Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Vape Video

The Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 is small and compact – But packs a punch! Watch the video below.