Empty Oil Disposables

Explore Empty Disposable Vape Pens. Fill with your own strain of CBD or Delta-8 oil! Convenient, sleek empty disposable vapes. Check our Empty Disposable Vape Guide here!

What are empty disposable vape pens?

Empty disposable vape pens are simple vape devices that allow you to vape your own choice of oil. Simply fill the vape tank with your oil, click on the mouthpiece cap, and inhale to vape. They are single-use, meaning you only need to fill the device once. When you have finished, throw the device in the trash!

Benefits of empty disposable vape pens

  • Lightweight & discreet
  • Easy-to-use inhale activation
  • Cheapest solution for vaping oil
  • Experiment with flavors and strengths
  • Removes stress of carrying an expensive device
  • Great for dispensaries who sell their own brands of oil

Who should buy empty disposable vapes?

These style of empty devices are perfect for cannabis dispensaries and brands, who want to sell their own oils in a vape that’s ready-to-go. Customers today value convenience more than ever, and these empty disposable vape pens allow you to pre-fill them with your own brand oils, and give your customer a vape that’s ready to hit right away. Your customers can them throw them in their bag ready for the beach, music festival, or nightclub.

These empty disposable vape pens are also great for vape connoisseurs, who want to vape their own blend of CBD oil. But without the financial commitment of an expensive dab pen, which requires time-consuming maintenance and care.

How to Fill Empty Vape Pens

Use a distillate syringe! These take the hassle and mess out of the job – and ensure none of your precious oil goes to waste. For full instructions – Read our guide How to fill a vape cartridge (which applies to filling empty oil vape pens, too)!

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