Stealth Cartridge Battery

Keep it discreet with stealth cart battery vapes. These stealthy batteries will conceal & protect your cartridge. Explore our Best Stealth Cart Batteries shortlist now!

Stealth Cart Battery Benefits

  • Compact size can be easily hidden
  • Disguised as other everyday objects
  • Conceals your oil cartridge from view
  • Protects your cartridge from the elements
  • Buttonless designs are auto draw-activated
  • Deliver a high performance vaping experience
  • Useful in States with stricter vaping laws

Stealth cart batteries are designed to be discreet, so that they don’t attract unwanted attention. But some brands have designed cart batteries that are disguised as everyday items. With unique designs similar to cell phones, car keys & electric razors – You can leave these vapes on the table, and no one will bat an eye!

Explore our Best Disguised Vapes Guide to see vapes that are disguised as everyday items!

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