JUUL Compatible Pods

High quality JUUL pods compatible with your JUUL Vape. Official pre-filled JUUL pods for your favorite flavor. Or try refillable JUUL pods to fill with your own vape juice!

Refillable JUUL Pods

JUUL is one of the most popular vapes in the world. Since the JUUL is a closed pod vape, avid JUUL vapers will soon find they run out of new flavors and nicotine strengths to try. But never fear! With refillable JUUL vape pods, you can now try any vape juice in your Official JUUL vape pen. Explore juice flavors and discover your new favorite!

JUUL Pod Flavors

Official JUUL pods come in a small range of flavors; including Menthol Mint, Tobacco, Berry and Mango flavor JUUL pods. It doesn’t take long to get bored of this range, and want to try new, exciting flavors. With refillable JUUL compatible pods, you can add your own vape juice to your JUUL pod, and vape in an instant!

How to Refill a JUUL Pod

Our range of refillable JUUL pods are designed with simplicity in mind. They are easy to refill – all you do is take the mouthpiece off, remove the small rubber stopper – and fill with your vape juice! Once you have filled the pod, reattach the rubber stopper and mouthpiece, click the pod into your JUUL, and vape!

One of our favorite tricks is to fill multiple pods at the start of the day. This means that if you run out of juice whilst on-the-go, just click in a new pod and you’re ready to vape!


Some vapers prefer CBD and THC oils in their JUUL pods, rather than nicotine salts e-liquids. Refillable JUUL pods allow you to add whatever oils and e-liquids you want. Plus, vaping CBD and THC from a JUUL is a discreet way to medicate whilst on-the-go!

How Many Puffs in a JUUL Pod?

A JUUL compatible pod with a maximum fill capacity of 0.7ml, will last around 200 puffs.

Best JUUL Compatible Pods

What’s the best JUUL compatible pod, to try exciting flavors with? Read our guide New Favors with JUUL Compatible Pods for the best JUUL compatible pods, and their reviews!

Best JUUL Alternatives

If you want to enjoy the world of e-liquid flavors, then maybe you should try a different pod vape altogether? JUUL have lost their top spot as the best pod vape on the market. If you want to try a different brand, then explore Best JUUL Alternatives!

Cheap JUUL Compatible Pods

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