Dispensary Supplies

Our dispensary supplies are for brands who wish to sell their own strains and blends of oil. Whether it’s CBD, THC, Delta 8 or HHC – these empty cartridges and empty disposable vapes are perfect. Create your own oil brand with these hardware supplies. Multi-buy savings available when you buy in bulk!

Benefits to Dispensaries of Empty Vape Cartridges

  • Sell your oil in a convenient tanks that’s ready to vape!
  • Using your own oils will increase margins on resale
  • Disposable dab pens are highly popular with customers
  • Multi-buy savings are available when you buy in bulk
  • Creating your own pre-filled brand can expand customer base

Dispensaries and online cannabis businesses have started to realize the advantages of buying empty cartridges & empty disposable vape pens, and using them to create their own brand of pre-filled disposables that customers love. We sell a range of dispensary supplies, that you can fill with your own oil & sell under your own brand.

Best Empty Disposable Oil Vape Pens

If you’re wondering which disposable oil vape pen is the best for your business, Discount Vape Pen carries several highly popular options which our customers have come to know and love. Read our Guide to Empty Disposable Vape Pens here! Dispensaries have come to love the simplicity of these products, as they can add their own oils and create their own brand of pre-filled disposables.

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