Doob Tube Wholesale 25ct – Small Color Funnies


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  • Bulk 25x Doob Tube Containers
  • In Display Box
  • Smell Proof Tubes
  • Airtight for Discreet Carry
  • Assorted Color Tubes + Lids
  • Small Size – Holds 1¼-Sized Papers
  • ‘Funnies’ Feature Funny Phrases on Tube
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Keep Joints Fresh
  • Wholesale Bulk Pack
  • Extremely Durable Construction
  • Official Doob Tube Brand
  • Proudly Made in USA


Doob Tube Small Funnies Display – 25ct

This is a bulk pack 25x Doob Tube containers, in a display box.

All the Doob Tubes are small sized. They measure 4.3″ x 0.55″, and holds up to 1¼-sized papers. They are made from extremely durable plastic, and are proudly made in USA.

They come in assorted colors tubes and lids. These ‘Funnies’ variety of Doob Tubes feature funny slogans along the side, giving you a reason to laugh every time you pull out a joint. The labels include the following:

  • “Just Say Yes”
  • “Is it 420 Yet?!!!”
  • “The Sh*@!!!”
  • “For My B*tch”
  • “Stinky”
  • “The Bomb”
  • “Chronic”

Doob tubes are smell-proof tubes, perfect for carrying your joints. These allow you to pre-roll joints, and the airtight packaging is moisture resistant, which keeps them fresh! They also act as a discreet carry method, as no-one will smell your stash. This is especially helpful if you only want to smoke half a roll, and keep the other half for later!

Small Dube Tube Wholesale Package Contents: 

  • 25x Doob Tubes Small Sized Funnies
  • 1x Display Box
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