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Discount Vape Pen is the ultimate online vape store. Based in New Jersey, we deliver vapes all across the USA. Huge range of starter kits, dab pens, 510 batteries, salt nicotine juice and e-rigs from the world's biggest vaping brands. Incredibly low prices and fast shipping. Read verified Discount Vape Pen Reviews or explore our Best Vapes shortlists & find your new favorite vape!

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Coolest cart battery features - 10 New and trending design elements - Discount Vape Pen

Coolest Cart Battery Features! 10 Trending Design Elements

With so many new and wacky design elements out there, it’s time we compiled the most important…

The Truth About THCA and THC

Your Dispensary is Robbing You! The Truth About THCA

It’s an open industry secret. Your marijuana dispensary is overcharging you. The government is over taxing you….

Best Edible Recipes - Discount Vape Pen

Best Edible Recipes

If you’re into baking, or fancy yourself as a bit of an alchemist – Then making DIY…

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