Concocting Your Own E-Liquid

concocting your own e-liquid

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping in general, has taken the world by storm. Individuals that wish to quit smoking, people looking for something tasty but lacking in calories, or those simply wishing to experiment have taken up vaping. They do it in the privacy of their home; they do it in vaping bars/establishments, they do it while enjoying outdoor activities – as long as it’s not outlawed, they can do it virtually anywhere.

There are a multitude of e-liquids, sometimes referred to as e-juices, available on the market for every possible discerning taste. That said, some prefer to concoct their own, special, customized e-liquid that is specific to their needs. Let’s take a look at what is involved in, as well as why you would want to try, personalized e-liquid concocting.

Why Go Through the Trouble?

We have established that switching to vaping from smoking is a healthier choice. But why make your own e-liquid? Rather than buying a pre-mixed liquid to put in your e-cigarette, you may wish to make your own because it can be cheaper to do so. For the most part, 5 mm can cost approximately 3 dollars when you buy e-liquids premixed.

On the other hand, 5 mm of a liquid that you mix yourself can cost anywhere between $1.50 down to a dollar. That’s like a 50% savings! You have to decide if the time you’re going to spend mixing and concocting is worth the cheaper price. What is convenience worth to you?

Now let’s take a look at what is involved in making your own personalized liquid for vaping. In order to do this from home, you’re going to need a few basic materials, ingredients, and pieces of equipment.

The Basics of Self Concocted E-Liquid

In order to make your e-liquid a true smoking alternative, you’re going to need the most important ingredient – diluted nicotine. Though there are those who enjoy vaping without nicotine, to many it is simply pointless. Next, what makes up most of the volume for your special formula, and is used as a carrier fluid, you’ll need either VG (vegetable glycerin) or PG (propylene glycol). This serves as a kind of diluent for your e-liquid. The two do have differences in their viscosity and flavor, but either one is necessary so that the mixture will be diluted enough to be enjoyed. And, of course, all of these substances should be handled very carefully.

What Kind of Equipment Will Be Needed?

Though a laboratory reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein would be fun, in no way, shape, or form is it necessary. Is long as you have the basic safety equipment, there is no need to be intimidated by this process. Gloves, goggles, syringes, containers, and some bottles will likely be all you need. Amazon is a great place to buy most of these, but a simple search on Google will likely land you whatever you need if you can’t find it on Amazon.

The Mixture Itself

Different concoctions will mix differently depending on your combination of diluted nicotine, VG or PG, and whatever flavoring you choose (see next section). Once you figure how much nicotine you need, you can determine how much of the other ingredients must be added. You can start mixing once you’ve extracted each of the ingredients from their containers using syringes. You may need a calculator to do some figuring. You can pour the mixture into your bottles once it’s been mixed, but remember to shake it well. Before you know it, you’ll be brewing your own e-liquid cocktails.

For Many, It’s All About the Flavor

We may have saved this for last, but it is by no means the least in the process. Via the Internet, you can locate virtually every flavor under the sun. Figure out what you find most attractive and go from there. You can use one straight-up flavor or experiment by combining flavors. Eventually, you will find your ideal, perfect mixture.

So not only can you save a little bit of money mixing your own e-liquid, you can have lots of fun experimenting with different flavors, concoctions, and levels of nicotine if you so choose. It’s time to let loose the mad scientist in all of us.