Portable VS Erig Vaporizers: Understanding Differences

Different lifestyles may call for different types of vaporizers. Do you like to stay home and do your vaping? Or, are you the adventurous, outgoing type that likes to vape on the go? Maybe you like to vape both at home and elsewhere. Depending on how and where you like to vape, various devices can be used, such as the following:

On the surface, it may seem like the choice would be simple. But other things come into play such as the following:

  • You want to vape outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Your top priority is potent vapor and big clouds, but you still want to be outside.
  • Your budget is pretty tight.

Let’s look at some of the differences between erig and portable vaporizers to make your choice a bit easier. Remember that vape pens are great when you’re on the go. They easily fit into almost any pocket or purse.

Erig Vaporizers

Usually meant for home usage, these sizable devices can be placed on a table, countertop, desktop, etc. Compared to portable devices, they are more powerful and feature unique inhalation methods (i.e., whips or balloon bags). Additionally, they offer a bigger, more potent vaping experience. Many people opt for a portable vape nonetheless, because erigs are not only higher-priced but much larger in size.

Highlighted benefits:

  • Extra clean, moist vapor with integrated air and water filters.
  • Deliver vapor straight to your mouth, courtesy of forced air vapor delivery.
  • Inhalation methods used are advanced and options are available.
  • Heating elements are extremely powerful.
  • Easy to share and efficient.

Portable Vaporizers

As you’ve probably already guessed by the name, “portable” vaporizers are just that. Many will fit in your purse or your pocket – some more so than others. In just one hand, you can hold this type of vaporizer and use it pretty much anywhere and anytime. When it comes to vaping, these are by far the most common type of devices.

Biggest advantages to portable vaping:

  • It’s liberating. You’re not tied to a cord. Even when vaping at home, many people prefer portable vaporizers for that reason.
  • You don’t have to carry a suitcase to take your device with you. Anywhere you go, you can easily bring your vaping companion.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on the move or outside. You can vape pretty much anywhere you want.

Something to keep in mind: compared to your average portable vaporizer, you may not get the performance you’re looking for, especially if you use dry herbs.

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