Amira Mini Spider Printed Hookah 12″

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Amira Mini Spider Printed Hookah 12″

The Amira Mini Spider Printed Hookah features a unique tripod leg design with a solid threaded connection between the base and the stem. Made with a stainless steel diffused down tube and aerospace grade aluminum. The hookah includes a funnel bowl, glass vase, single premium hose with an 11 inch aluminum handle, downstem, and charcoal tongs. Sold in various printed designs. The Amira Spider Mini stands at 12 inches  tall. The Spider Mini also comes with a travel sized carry bag so users can bring the hookah with them anywhere.

Package Includes:

  • Amira Mini Spider Hookah
  • 11 inch aluminum handle
  • funnel bowl
  • premium hose
  • charcoal tongs
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