Ego Ce-4 1100mAh Vape Pen + Clearomizer & USB Charger BULK PACK of 10X




10x Ego Ce-4 1100mAh Vape Pens + Clearomizer & 10x USB Chargers

This is a bulk pack of 10 Ego CE-4 vape pens and clearomizers. The devices come in a mix of colors, and includes 10 USB chargers.

This is the best way to kick your cigarette habit and still enjoy smoking. The Ego CE-4 1100mAh Vape Pen is the best vaporizer pen for all kinds of vape users both new and advanced. The 1100mAh battery ensures that you will have big thick vapor when you inhale. One full clearomizer tank will last you over 1200 puffs which is about 3 packs of cigarettes.

This bulk pack of 10 Ego vape pens saves you money and time! These wholesale packs have a bulk discount so the price per device is lower. You’ll also have a vape pen ready to go, whenever your existing one runs out of battery charge or breaks. No more waiting around for the delivery guy to show up and deliver your order. Buy in bulk – and your’ll always have a spare!

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Bulk Ego Vape Pen 10 Pack Includes:

  • 10x 1100mAh Batteries
  • 10x Clearomizers for E-Liquid
  • 10x USB Chargers
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