Hush Ultra Coffee Kratom Shot 10mL


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  • Hush Ultra Kratom Shot
  • Coffee Flavor
  • 10mL Bottle
  • Energizing, Clarity, & Focus
  • 100mg Mitragynine
  • Real Coffee Infused!
  • 8g Plain Leaf Kratom Powder
  • Full Spectrum Extract
  • Official Hush Brand


Hush Ultra Kratom Shot – 10mL Coffee Flavor

Wake up with the taste of fresh coffee and Kratom in the morning! Our Coffee Infused Hush Kratom Extract has real coffee infused for a superior morning shot of Kratom. Get off your feet and get active as the long-lasting effects of Kratom Extract fuel your body.

If you have to have coffee in the morning, then the Hush Kratom Shot is definitely for you. It’s potent, pure, and has the best coffee flavor in the world!

Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves contain a chemical called mitragynine, which can produce both stimulant effects, and sedative effects – depending on the strain and level of dosage. Read our full Kratom Guide here to learn all about kratom!

Hush extract is a concentrated form of Mitragyna Speciosa in full spectrum form. It is currently one of the most effective and best tasting tinctures on the market.

Hush Ultra Shot Features:

  • Infused with genuine Coffee Beans for an exceptional morning experience
  • The best Kratom extract to take in the morning
  • Powerful and long-lasting effects made for the experienced user
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