King Palm Hemp Wraps 2 Pack


  • Pack of 2x Blunt Wraps
  • King Sized
  • Made from Hemp
  • Velvety Smooth Delivery
  • Super Slow-Burning
  • 100% Natural Hemp
  • Range of Flavors
  • Includes 2x Squeeze Flavor Tips
  • Official King Palm Brand


Hemp Wraps 2 Pack by King Palm

King Palm Hemp Blunt Wraps are the latest smoking innovation from the connoisseur’s over at King Palm. King Palm Hemp Wraps come with 2 wraps and 2 flavoured tips in each pack and deliver a super slow-burning and smooth smoke and will perfectly complement your favourite top-shelf herb.

The King Palm Hemp Wraps come in three amazing flavours, Honey Mango, Pink Lemonade and Peach Pineapple. The wraps are made from all-natural USA grown hemp and come in a sealable pouch to keep them fresh until you’re ready to roll!

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