Lookah 510 Wax Tank 4 Pack


  • 510 Wax Atomizer Tanks
  • Pack of 4 Wax Coils
  • Includes 1 Mouthpiece Tip
  • Universal 510 Thread for Cart Batteries
  • Versatility for Vaping Wax Concentrates!
  • 1.2Ω Quartz Coils in Following Options;
  • Type A Tunnel Quartz
    • Better Taste
  • Type B Column Quartz
    • Heats Faster + More Vapor
  • Type C Flat Quartz
    • Max Airflow + Ventilation
  • Type D Double Quartz Rod
    • Maximum Heating Area
  • Type M Pack
    • One of Each A, B, C, D Coils!
  • Try All Coils with Type M Pack!


Lookah 510 Wax Cart Tanks – Pack of 4

The wax cart atomizers will fit most 510 thread cart batteries. These are particularly recommended for the Lookah Snail, the Lookah Load, and Lookah Firebee. These wax cart tanks are slightly larger than most standard 510 carts – So we recommend browsing our range of 2G Cart Batteries which fit larger carts.

Lookah 510 quartz wax carts are a series of wax dab pen carts that use the best 1.2Ω quartz coils to provide the smoothest taste and for more enjoyable dabbing. Each pack contains 4 tanks and 1 mouthpiece tip. There are 5 options to choose from (see list below).

To use these wax tanks, screw the wax tank onto the 510 thread connection of the 510 vape battery. Unscrew the mouthpiece/tip and load your wax in the quartz atomizer. Then replace the tip and turn on your vape pen. You can use the manual heat settings of your vape pen to vape the concentrate.

Please note: The Lookah 510 quartz wax carts do not work with the Lookah Seahorse range of devices as the length of the 510 thread is more than the 4mm compatible depth for them.

There are 5 options for these Lookah wax tank coils:

Type A Wax carts

  • 1x Mouthpiece Tip
  • 4x Tunnel quartz coils
  • Better taste and flavor

Type B Wax carts

  • 1x Mouthpiece Tip
  • 4x Column quartz coils
  • Heats faster, provides more vapor

Type C Wax carts

  • 1x Mouthpiece Tip
  • 4x Flat quartz coils
  • Maximum airflow and ventilation

Type D Wax carts

  • 1x Mouthpiece Tip
  • 4x Double quartz rod coils
  • Maximum heating area

Type M Wax carts

  • 1x Mouthpiece Tip
  • 1x Type A Tunnel quartz coil
  • 1x Type B Column quartz coil
  • 1x Type C Flat quartz coil
  • 1x Type D Double quartz rod coil

Different Quartz coil styles provide different tastes and vapor production. If you’re not sure which type of quartz coil you’d prefer – Why not try them all with the Type M package!

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