Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaning Wipes 100ct


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Ooze Resolution Res Wipes are cleaning wipes intended to quickly wipe down a hand pipe, bubbler, bong, or rig to remove excess resin buildup between smoke sessions. Use them to clean every inch of your smoking station.


Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaning Wipes 100ct

Ooze ResolutionGlass cleaning Wipes make it simple to keep your glass smoking pieces sparkling clean. Ooze wipes feature little scrubber dots that easily remove gunk, grime, and resin build-up. Apply Ooze wipes directly to any dirty surfaces on the glass piece, or clean up any residue left behind after a smoke session. Allow the glass to dry completely before the next use, and enjoy a session from a fresh piece that has a light, citrusy scent. Ooze wipes come in packs of 100 wipes in an easy to open and close container.


  • Can be used to wipe down entire smoking station
  • Tiny scrubber dots grip resin and dirt
  • citrus scent

Package Contents:

  • Pack of Ooze Glass Cleaning Wipes 100ct
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