Raw Automatic Rolling Box


Impress your friends with the Raw Automatic Rolling Box.


Raw Automatic Rolling Box

The RAW Automatic Roll Box is the perfect accessory for the RYO enthusiast. Like all of RAW products the RAW Automatic Roll Box is of superior quality. Made of thick steel with an amazing black finish on the 70mm and 79mm boxes and an awesome black chrome finish on the 110mm model. Each model also features the RAW logo, these roll boxes will impress all your friends when you break them out at your next session. With the RAW Automatic Roll Box you will be rolling the perfect smoke everytime. The 79mm Roll Box is also adjustable. One postion will let you roll’em skinny (6mm diameter) and the other will let you roll’em fat (8mm diameter). Variety is the spice of life!

The RAW Automatic Roll Box is available in 70mm,79mm and 110mm sizes.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Raw Automatic Rolling Box

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