Ryot Aluminum 2″ One Hitter


  • One Hitter Pipe
  • Stealthy Discreet Design
  • Looks Like a Standard Cigarette
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Prevents Heat Transfer
  • Fits All Ryot Dugouts
  • Regular Tip or Digger Tip
  • Official RYOT Brand
  • Compact Size 2”(L) x 0.31”(W)


Ryot Aluminum 2″ One Hitter Pipe

The RYOT® Aluminum One Hitter has an authentic and discreet design. It looks just like a standard cigarette. This clever stealth design choice means you can smoke herb unnoticed! It is sleek, easy to use and always a portable accessory for the modern mobile smoker. The small size is 2”(L) x 0.31”(W) is easy to stash away.

Watch Ryot One Hitter Video

Learn more about Ryot’s range of premium one hitters. Watch the video below!

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